Say you want a counter-revolution

Und Doch!

Andi Penguin
I live. I feel pain. I feel contempt. I take my medication. I do my WW1 German research. I await the deluge.

I consider the post-1918 world, and even more so the post-1945 world, to be irredeemably vile and beyond saving. If I could, I would rewind the world to ca. 1900 and try to persuade the war parties in the Russian, Austria-Hungarian, German and British Empires of the suicidal folly of internecine conflict (I wouldn't even try with the French republican regime, or the weak Serb government which lived in permanent fear of its own military establishment).

I previously recorded as part of Maruta Kommand (elektro-death industrial) and Stalker (improvisational power electronics with depraved subject matter). I now occasionally record as Forced To Eat Your Face (death industrial) and Kindermord (ultra-depressive WW1-themed military industrial) and very occasionally as Eumenides (Militant Hellen(ist)ic Industrial)

I have been part of the live line-up for my friend SnowW.Wwhite on occasion.
a7v, abnormal psychology, amanita muscaria, anenzephalia, anti-censorship, anti-communism, anti-islam, anti-monotheism, armenia, armenian genocide, artillery, asexuality, assassination attempts on hitler, assyria, austro-hungarian empire, balkan wars, biological warfare, blasphemy, boses, boyd rice, brighter death now, call of cthulhu, cats, cemeteries, chemical warfare, classical latin, con-dom, conservative avantegarde, conservative opposition to hitler, constitutional monarchy, contempt, corpses, counter-revolution, counterjihad, cthulhu, cultural resistance, cynicism, de sade, death in june, decadence, decepticons, defense of the west, democide, der blutharsch, deutsch nepal, doctor who, ehrhardt brigade, electronic voice phenomena, entheogens, ernst junger, esotericism, europe, extreme cinema, extreme literature, fehmemord, folkstorm, freikorps, genocide organ, german armies, german civil war, goth, graeco-roman paganism, grand guignol, great old ones, greece, greek war of independence, gulag, gunnery, h.p.lovecraft, hatred, hinoeuma, history, holocaust rites, holodomor, imperial germany, industrial music, ioannis metaxas, jackboots, james havoc, kaiser wilhelm ii, kaiserreich, kaisertreu, koenig friedrich august iii, kokampf, kult, living history, maltheism, marquis de sade, maruta kommand, meat eating, militaria, military history, mocking falsifiers of history, mythology, mz.412, nationalism, natural language processing, neo-classical music, neo-folk music, nkvd, noise, norse-germanic paganism, nugs, nyarlathotep, occultism, old english, painkillers, penguins, peter sotos, philhellenism, power electronics, re-enactment, real fur, reestablishing monarchies, retaking constantinople, russian civil war, russian empire, russo-finnish wars, sachsen, salvia divinorum, satanism, satire, saxony, second reich, serbia, shoah, stosstruppen, sutcliffe jugend, swans, tanks, the king in yellow, thee grey wolves, third hellenic civilisation, thomas ligotti, transylvania, tyrannicide, uniforms, unit 731, unpop, vinyl records, waffen-ss, war memorials, wargaming, western destiny, whitehouse, widerstand, william burroughs, winter war, world war one