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Say · you · want · a · counter-revolution

At last! The Brown floater is flushed! :D

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Am a bit drunk
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Boyd Rice & Friends - "Music, Martinis amd Misanthropy"
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On 12th May 2010 06:28 (UTC), es0terika commented:
It was a close call but the bastards are out!

How's the music going by the way mate?
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On 12th May 2010 13:59 (UTC), panzerpenguin replied:
I've been mainly busy with research (mainly German sources with relation to my dad's big project on the 9th East Surreys, one of the New Army battalions who were slaughtered on their first day in action - 26th September 1915, second day of the Battle of Loos), but I have recently been working on a new Kindermord piece about the Totenkopfpioniere, the last regiment of the Prussian Garde. It took a huge amount of work to achieve satisfactory sounds for their special weaponry...

Unfortunately my studio PC is currently partly out of action - it seems I will probably have to buy a new video card before I can continue.

The current plan is to complete the current track and send it to the most interested party with a revised proposal for a CD release, as I have become reconciled to the necessity (and possibilities) of the format. I would still like to do release something on vinyl later if the debut, and any performances accompanying same, create enough interest.
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On 15th May 2010 17:32 (UTC), es0terika replied:
Yes I think we've discussed the Totenkopfpioniere on here in the past, sounds like a great idea, and I assume it'll be filled with flamethorwer roars and the screams of burning men...


Cool, vinyl would obviously be awesome given the analog sound quality, but CD would be great as well, much better than a pure mp3 release anyway.
Good luck with it all anyway, I'll luck forward to further updates!
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On 12th May 2010 07:52 (UTC), knirirr commented:
A most suitable title to the post, sir.
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