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Say · you · want · a · counter-revolution

Breaking news!

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Please for the love of all that's sacred just FUCK OFF AND DIE and take your squalid party with you! Set yourself on fire, leap to your death from Big Ben, just put us out of your fucking misery you international embarrassment!

I managed to convince my taxi driver last night that this was genuine, and due to appear on all the front pages this morning. :) I had to disabuse him of this though, it would have been cruel to deceive him into believing that the Prime Mentalist was really, genuinely, finally going.

Amusing soundtrack to the downfall of ZaNuLab here: Gordon Brown is Down.
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"Gordon Brown is Down"
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On 8th June 2009 17:37 (UTC), es0terika commented:

If I'd have been drinking coffe I'd have spat it at the screen... ;]

I really think you need to do some kind of hilariously faux-dramatic fall of Gordon Brown track next time you have some spare time.
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