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The Great War - Armistice Day 2008

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To the Fallen of the War to End All Wars

To those who died in the field in Europe, Asia and Africa
And To those who died at sea and under it
To those who were shot, blasted, burned, gassed and crushed
To those who lost their sight and those who lost their minds
To those who lost their faces and could never leave the hospital
And those who survived to preserve the memory of their friends

To those bombed and shelled in their homes and those shot as hostages
To those starved by the hunger blockade and those drowned by torpedoes
To those whose lives were blighted by the loss of loved ones
And those swept away by plague and hunger in the wake of war

To the peoples cursed by the borders of peace to war, and again war
To the peoples exterminated in their homelands by Islamic barbarians
To the peoples destined for future exterminations by gun, gas and famine
To the peoples broken by the wreck of crowns and the scourge of revolution
To the peoples doomed to decades of slavery by blood-crazed ideologues

To our great-grandparents who endured the unendurable and whose hopes are all dust
To the lost future of Europe that was buried before our grandparents were born

We shall not forget

Treue um Treue - Providentiae Memor
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On 11th November 2008 17:00 (UTC), es0terika commented:
Hear Hear.
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On 11th November 2008 21:50 (UTC), knirirr commented:
Excellent stuff.
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